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(and in the future, in person school programs in the GTA and area)

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What are the benefits of adding online dance and performing arts to your school program?

Physical Fitness - children need to have physical activity and what better way to do so then to DANCE

Creativity - our developmentally appropriate performing arts curriculum teaches movement skills and encourages students to express themselves

Skill Building - each day students learn new dance movement skills or vocal and acting skills that are fun and progressive

Confidence - performing arts builds confidence. Participating in performing arts programs builds confidence as students can see a progression throughout the program and as the repetition of moves and skills becomes more familiar students build confidence in their expressions.

FUN! - dancing, signing and acting is fun and our curriculum puts the fun in every class.

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What can be included in the online dance and performing arts program?

  • Live online classes delivered to your school or to the students at home
  • Classes that can be offered include hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet, creative movement or musical theatre 
  • Fun dance themes
  • Focus on skill building with fun choreography
  • Each class will consist of a warm up, stretches, skill building and choreography
  • Dance Activity Sheets and Colouring Pages that compliment the dance training 
  • Access to pre-recorded dance practice videos
  • Gradable marking sheets and compliment the dance curriculum
  • Online performance option!

Classes focus on skill building and choreography. Students will learn different choreographies as they delve into the wonderful world of dance.

Contact us today to find out how MSD Online and Stars of the Stage provides more than just a dance class, but a full educational arts experience either online or in the classroom!

Programs Can Be Customized to Suit Your Schools Needs

NEW * Online at Home Program 

Select your dance and performing arts styles and customize an at home program for your students 

Full Series Dance Program 

A 6-10 week dance program with student evaluations.
Select the program and  we will log in to your existing classes to teach it

Lunch or After- School Programs

For Grades JK to Grade 8
After hours programs can be scheduled by request

One-Day Workshops

Select from 1 hour to 1 full day workshops. Great for customizing a special class or event. 

MSD Online at Home program is a great option for schools to provide students dance or performing arts online, from the comfort of their home.  

You can customize this program of study as follows:

  • Length of Program - 6 or 10 weeks or ongoing programs
  • Class styles included in Program - choice of Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Creative Dance or Musical Theatre - Acting and Singing (can select multiple styles
  • Number of Class Options for each age group
  • Method of instruction - during school times or at off-school hours
  • Optional:
    • Online Performance Options
    • Online Student Resources including pre-recorded practice videos
    • Online Teacher Resources including evaluation forms 
    • Optional Registration - students can register directly with us

The program are based in your choice of dance style (or multiple styles if requested) such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Creative Dance or Musical Theatre - Acting and Singing. Each program includes a specialized kindergarten program plus a grade school dance program for Grades 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8 with age appropriate dance movements and choreography.

Program Example:

Online program for students, offering 4 classes per week in after school hours. Each student can take the following classes: Hip Hop, Jazz, Singing and Musical Theatre offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 6 weeks. For Kindergarten classes are 30 minutes each, for Grades 1-8 classes are 45 minutes each.  This includes the online resources so students and teachers can log in for additional training. An online performance is scheduled for the end of the session for family and friends. 

The full dance series program provides you and your entire school a 6-10 week online dance or performing arts program where: students with learn choreographed routines, teachers will receive an evaluation form with valuable gradable explanations of movements and theory, plus there will be a full school performance at the end of the series which can be presented to the parents (great for winter holiday performances, spring showcase or end of the year events).

You can customize this program of study as follows:

  • Length of Program - 6 or 10 weeks
  • Class styles included in Program - choice of Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Creative Dance or Musical Theatre - Acting and Singing (can select multiple styles
  • Method of instruction - during school times 
  • Optional:
    • Online Performance for family and friends
    • Online Student Resources including pre-recorded practice videos
    • Online Teacher Resources including evaluation forms 

Each program includes a specialized kindergarten program plus a grade school dance program with age appropriate dance movements and choreography.

Programs Options:

  • Premium Series - total of 10 full days of instruction, 1 day per week for 10 weeks (or twice a week for 5 weeks).
  • Most Popular - Star Series – for 1 day per week for 6 weeks - total of 6 full days of instruction. 
  • Basic Series - for a 1 half day per week program - total of 6 half-days of instruction, for 6 weeks. 

Ask about our complimentary dance resource option! The dance resource option allows students from your school to have a specialized login through our website where students and parents can access practice choreography videos for their class, plus teachers can log in for course work, marking sheets, practice videos and evaluation forms. This is optional and included in all the programs at no extra charge. 

Additional Information:

  • Students can wear comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and t-shirts or school gym clothes plus indoor running shoes as per the school gym requirements. 
  • For added fun and school spirit you can request a teacher dance to be added to the schedule (30 minutes/week).


MSD Online and Stars of the Stage joined together to bring you a unique school dance experience! 


Stars of the Stage was established in 2016 by James Meltz and offers dance, acting and singing classes to local schools in York Region and the GTA. Mr. James is a former Broadway performer with extensive training in dance, musical theatre, singing and acting and also teaches at MSD Online. 

About James Meltz - He attended Sheridan college majoring in musical theatre as well as George Brown for commercial dance. He is a former Broadway Performer and has performed with Mirvish and various other GTA companies. He is also choreographed multiple shows including those for theatrical performances and other community events.  As the owner of Stars of the stage this gives him a chance to share his love of theatre and dance with the next generation and inspire the same love in his students.  His classes are always fun and upbeat and he always encourages the students to do their best, work hard and be confident in themselves. 

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MSD Online is offered by MainStreet Dance Inc. established October 2001 by Jacqueline Kornylo, BA, ABATD, AAC1, RWID. MSD offers dance classes including examination programs in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, and Musical Theatre and Performing Arts classes in Acting and Singing. MSD has trained over 10,000 students in Dance and Performing Arts including training students for their teachers certifications with various dance associations. MSD offers 5 main programs: Twinkle Stars Dance for ages 2-6, Dance Stars for Grades 1-12, Broadway Stars Acting and Singing classes for Grades 1-12, Dance Intensive Examination program for Grades 1-12, Dance Company - Performance and Competition Team, Performing Arts program for Musical Theatre.  They also offer an International Performance Program which we offer every 2-3 years giving students the opportunity to perform internationally. 


At this time we are offering online options only, however in-person options will be available again in the future. Please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page and we will set up an appointment with you to discuss the options for your school. 

  • MARKHAM SCHOOL OF DANCE & Performing Arts

    “During the week that James instructed at Bond Lake, it was such a wonderful experience! He planned, choreographed and taught various dance routines to approximately 550 students. He was very thoughtful and attentive to the students' needs, and made any necessary accommodations. He prepared different routines for each grade level groupings and they were extremely diverse and creative. Throughout the whole week, there was such a phenomenal buzz in the air! There were students excitedly talking about their dance sessions, and there were teachers talking about how fantastic the program was. They were also discussing how evident James' passion for teaching dance was and that because he was so excited about what he does, that was immediately transferred and reflected onto the students. I had an opportunity to visit during some other classes, other than my own, and I was amazed at what I saw! I saw Grade 8 students, including their teachers, involved enthusiastically in a routine. I saw all Kindergarten students actively following James' instruction. At no point did I see a child sitting on a bench. James had broken down his routines and his students and chunked in a feasible and easy to follow manner, which involved all the students. He had students organized in different lines and then would rotate the lines so that all the students had an opportunity to be at the front and become active in the routine”

  • MARKHAM SCHOOL OF DANCE & Performing Arts

    “It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Mr. Meltz to be hired as a Dance Instructor for the York Catholic School Board. Mr. Meltz is a self motivated professional and an articulate individual who is very knowledgeable about establishing rapports with students, colleagues, and staff. His calm disposition is kind and yet firm which were demonstrated in all his dealings with students. Mr. James Meltz has an extensive musical theatre and dance background and his knowledgeable of the Arts is evident in how he choreographs movements and whole group pieces with ease and fluidity for the students. He is an enthusiastic, energetic individual who actively motivates the children to perform. By offering a six week program, he builds on the students' abilities and tailors the program to each individual's needs”

  • MARKHAM SCHOOL OF DANCE & Performing Arts

    “In addition, unlike other dance companies, James has choreographed a different dance for each class. This makes them feel they are unique and able to 'own their dance'. Furthermore, James enthusiastically agreed to create a surprise routine for the staff to present to the students at the upcoming Hip Hop performance in May. James shows tremendous ability in being both adaptable and open to suggestions, and feedback. I have heard many positive comments from students and staff, including visiting supply teachers, who have thoroughly enjoyed working with James. Parents of our students have also given us feedback indicating that their children love having James here. His professionalism is appreciated, his enthusiasm is contagious and his energy is refreshing”

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