Tips for Setting up Your at Home Dance Space

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Online dance classes can be fun and exciting and setting up your child's at home dance space may help them have a better class experience. Although you can join from any device and from any space, here are some Tips for Setting Up Your At Home Dance Space. 

Find a Good Open Space for the class - We recommend a minimum of 5 feet squared. Please be sure that students will not bump into anything while dancing and that the space you select in unobstructed. Be sure that the dancers are away from furniture or stairs. If at all possible, make a designated dance space

Consider your flooring - What flooring will your dancer be on? Match their footwear to the flooring your child will be dancing on. If it is slippery with socks they can go barefoot, if it is carpeted either socks or running shoes. What ever your surface is please be sure that the flooring will not be slippery for the class

What can I use for a Ballet Barre? - For students in School Grades 1 and up they may need a ballet barre for various dance styles. There are some at home options: a sturdy chair would do fine (just ensure that if the child pushes on the top of the chair that it will not tip or fall over), or if near your space you could also use a counter top or table. The best height for a ballet barre is close to the students belly button so if that is possible that height is preferred.   

Do you need mirrors? - No. Mirrors are not required. Mirrors are used to help follow the instructor and for students to self check their technique, timing and patterning. This is more useful for the older, advanced dancers and classes where students are in the same room. Mirrors can be more of a distraction for younger dancers. For the online learning style, students will be able to follow the teachers instructions without the use of mirrors. 

What device is best to connect with? 

  • Ipads - have a good connection and great video quality, however, there are some setting limitations on ipads, and the screens can be small so if you set the device 5 feet away so the teacher can see your child, your child may not be able to see the teacher very well. 
  • Phones - portable and convenient, usually connects very well, however there is a really small screen so either you can see the teacher or the teacher can see the student but it can be challenging to do both at the same time.
  • Chrome books - portable and convenient, however cannot upload the app so you have to connect with the browser and there is limited functionality and low quality video
  • Computers - great option as offers larger screens and lots of functionality, however please check your Zoom app for updates regularly as it may not automatically update, so unless you check regularly for updates you may eventually find the app won't connect. May not be portable. 
  • Laptops - have the most functionality with the settings on zoom as well plus the larger screen and are portable

Although you can join from any device the teachers find the laptop provides the best balance between screen size and functionality

Consider Casting to Your TV where Possible - although many students join the class from an ipad, if you have an opportunity to do so you can connect to a TV. You can cast from your phone, tablet or computer to a TV or you can connect your computer to it with an HDMI cable. This gives a great opportunity for the dancer to see the screen and follow along with the teacher. This can significantly improve the child's connection and enjoyment in the class. 

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