10 Benefits of Dancing Online

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You may ask why take online dance classes? Do they really work as well as in person? Well see below for 10 benefits of taking online classes. 

1 - It Is Convenient - Lets start with the obvious, all you need to join is a device and the internet. There is no driving, arranging carpools, arriving late, not finding parking, trying to fit in dinner and running to the next activity. 

2 - The Students are Comfortable in their Space - especially for students who are dealing with separation or social anxieties, dancing from home can be a welcomed change. The students are familiar with their space and are comfortable in their homes, so they may be more likely to try all the dance moves and dance full out.

3 - Limited Social Distractions - As the students are not dancing beside their friends, there is limited distractions for the class. (However, if siblings are running around in the space that may cause a different type of distraction) 

4 - Zoom in to Focus on the Teachers - Students can pin their teachers screens so they can see them better. Everyone remembers being in the back of the class and not being able to see. The computers can eliminate this issue and teachers can even zoom in on their feet so the students can see all the details in a different way. 

5 - No Dancewear Required - As students are working in their homes parents are asked to find suitable footwear for their flooring. Although it is great to have dancewear, yoga pants and a t-shirt is suitable for the online classes. Although you can contact us about purchasing dancewear if you like. 

6 - You don't have to miss classes - You can join from any internet source, inside your house, outside in the backyard or even from your cottage. All you need is an internet connection and a safe place to dance. 

7 - Variety of Classes - Students can take unlimited dance classes in a variety of styles. Students get more options and can try all the dance styles to see what they like. 

8 - Physical Activity - It is a great activity for kids! They get to move and burn off some energy. Plus it is fun to dance to music. Watch your children, jump, twirl and kick. The goal is for students to learn to dance and how to move in different ways. The teachers hope to gift the students the love of movement 

9 - Relieves Stress - Dance is a natural stress reliever, it releases endorphins that makes you feel good. Children will look forward to having activities and opportunities that can help them to deal with these stressful times in a positive way. 

10 - It is Fun! - dancing to music is fun and with all the unlimited dance classes and pre-recorded practice videos you can login for some fun at anytime. There are new practice videos, colouring pages, and activity sheets that are posted each month. 

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